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​​Toasted Coconut Hot Chocolate
Body Ritual 75min $110   
Best enjoyed:  By Your Side
The mood: Love is in the Air
Experience: A treatment for you and your beloved! Begin with cozy butter brulee infused hot towels. You and your partner  are then given a choice of  massge oil, a Blushing Agave oil with  a supple blend organic sunflower seed oil and blue agave leaf extract  or a sultry Red Hot Shandy oil with vitamin rich oils and warm, sweet cinnamon undertones. You are left feeling radiant, relaxed and oh- so- lovely !

Peat Purity ​Vegetative
​Calming Facial 50 min $80

Best enjoyed: In an oasis of calm
The mood: High. Light.
Experience: Leave your lipstick at the door. This totally enveloping facial removes the extras of modern time and imparts pure, skin-calming wonder. We begin with a steaming, rosemarymint neck wrap and creamy coconut cleanser that leave skin dewy. Next, a whipped micro-sugar polish sloughs skin smooth. An age-old peat purity mud infuses skin with mineral and plant bionutrients that rapidly relieve, instantly soothe, and moisten
completely. Three Milk Ageless Moisturizer, a botanical hydrating peptide moisturizer, releases wrinkles to the wind, while Crow Catcher, a peptide-enhanced serum, banishes fine lines around the eyes. After this vegetative facial, you may want the full body
replenishment too.

​​​​Wine And Chocolate Me Time 
​Transformative Facial  50min $80 

Best enjoyed: For indulgent escape 
The mood: Rest and rehydration
Experience: Indulge yourself this winter season! You’ll be pampered with a creamy coconut milk cleanser, then whipped into softness with a shea butter and sugar polish. A rich, dark chocolate and CoQ10 enzyme mask -- chock full of vitamins and antioxidants
-- will go to work for you, fighting free radical damage and leaving a smooth surface behind. A nutritional super-antioxidant cocktail, made from Texas winery grapes, provides a plumped and luscious complexion. Finally, crow’s feet are encouraged to run for the hills with a peptide serum that targets deep wrinkles and surface lines. 

​​​    ​Blushing Valentine
Couples Massage  ​60min $198 per couple

Best enjoyed: With a crisp breeze
The mood: Rustic Rejuvenation
Experience: Shedding tired skin like leaves in the fall, this treatment is crisp yet sweetly
comforting. Creamy  coconut milk and chicory root hot towls soothes before a thorough exfoliation. A chocolate mask, rich in CoQ10, provides antioxidants and nourishment – breathing new life into your skin like the changing of seasons. A shea and cocoa butter massage  leaves warm, sweet notes of coconut lingering.
​​​Red Velvet
Body Massage  60min $80
Best enjoyed: In one big bite
The mood: Celebrating the moment
Experience: A sweet-cinnamon scent fills the room as a rich blend of hydrating oils including olive fruit and grapeseed, with a hint of fresh cinnamon notes is used to massage stress away. Next, an invigorating sea salt exfoliationof your hands and feet with silky rice bran oil and a soft, sweet cream scent.  Once your skin is polished and smoothed, enjoy a velvet buttercream-scented whipped shea butter massage to your hands and feet with Whoopie! Cream. Ahhh...fresh-baked enjoyment - zero calories!